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Well, hello. 🙂

Lately my time has been taken up by music theory and the NIV Audio Bible Dramatized. I believe I’ll actually make it all the way through the Bible now. I’ve gone from creation to David, with a detour through Job, in just six days. It’s kind of a chore, though. People seem to like this audio Bible, but I am not impressed. It’s pretty torturous to listen to, in fact. But it will get me through the Bible, which was my goal. I hope to have a detailed review for you later.

I read Allen Forte’s Tonal Harmony in Concept in Practice about a year ago but got distracted by other things before I got very far into the exercises. Now I’ve picked it back up and finished marking it, and I’m typing out my synthesis of the material, which I’ll probably use as a basis for further research. I’m very interested in how music works, and especially tonal music&emdash;why there are eight notes in a diatonic scale with specific interval patterns, why a triad is made of two thirds, things like that. I’m also reading Musical Structure and Design by Cedric Thorpe Davie. Maybe this time I’ll get around to the practical part and actually write some music.

My other essay is pretty much done. I’ll be posting it soon.

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