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Well, as I thought, the manuscript wasn’t nearly ready by the end of the day. At around 4:30 my boss said he’d call the client and see if they’d let us give it to them tomorrow afternoon, and they did. Reason sometimes exists in the world. That should give us enough time to finish things in a quality manner.

I also got a two-week renewal on my Superman books, so now I have time to finish taking notes on my observations and don’t have to rerequest them.

I had no DVDs to watch tonight during dinner, so I read MegaTokyo instead and thought about random things. One of them wasn’t so random. I’ve been pondering my future, which actually I do often and I will comment on some other time, and tonight I was wishing I could live multiple lives at once. That would be ideal. I asked myself what I would do with these lives. In one of them I would be a computer programmer. In another I would be a graphic artist. I probably wouldn’t be a creative writer in any of them. I like the idea of writing stories, but not full time. Then in two others, of course, I would live out my main options of philosophy professor and psychotherapist.

These thoughts reminded me of my friend Andrew, who is a programmer and works with graphic artists. He has a company called Bareknuckle Software that was supposed to have their website up sometime soon, so I decided to check on it. And whaddya know! There it was. Your screen resolution has to be at least 1152 x 864 to accommodate the flash window, but I think high screen resolutions are normal for computer graphics people. I have absolutely no use for software like theirs, but I downloaded the demo anyway just to see what my friend had done. πŸ™‚ In the extremely unlikely event (unless you’re Ivo) that you are a computer graphics person and you have sequences of image files that you need to manhandle, you should give it a look. Read the “About Us” too. πŸ˜‰

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