Finally an update!

At long last I have updated my website. I meant to do this a month ago, but I kept getting distracted by life.

The main changes are that I’ve reorganized and I’ve added a bunch of links. For the reorganization I got rid of the Miscellaneous page and moved its contents to other places. Science went into Computers, People into the blog, and Life Maintenance got its own page.

The links in this first round of link posting are places on the web that I call home. They’re either places that I visit often or places I plan to explore in the future or places I used to visit a lot that are still important to me or places that represent things that are significant to me even though I don’t usually visit the sites themselves.

I’ve also made some minor changes to a few of the introductions, specifically the site, weblog, philosophy, aesthetics, and computers intros. I’m considering the life maintenance intro new, even though it’s partly recycled from the miscellaneous intro.

And I made some minor formatting changes here and there and declared the site version 1.1.

Also, I’ve decided to associate my TWeb blog with my TWeb activity rather than with my other blogs, so I won’t be reporting my updates to that blog here.

I rebelled against my new schedule and stayed up late to finish this update. And you know what? It was worth it!

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  1. April says:

    Yay for updates!!! How are you doing these days?

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