Life Maintenance Introduction

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I used to disdain the tasks that kept life running smoothly--taxes, exercise, shopping for anything that wasn't books. I preferred to live in my head. I used to want to pretend I didn't even have a body. Since then I've discovered the joy of productivity and mastering new activities, and since life maintenance tasks have a place in that world, I have made a kind of peace with them. I still dread and procrastinate on some of them, but I no longer wish they would all just go away.

But they do still complicate life and make it more annoying if you're not interested in them for their own sake. Fortunately there are many people who enjoy the job of wrapping up a messy task and handing you the package so all you have to do is add water and toss it in the microwave. I like doing a bit of that myself. So in the Life Maintenance category I will share with you some of the things I’ve found or put together that have made my life a little easier to maintain.