Favorite Weird Cases

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These are strange events, people, places, objects, and ideas that especially interest me. I don't necessarily like them (some of them are about murder, for example), and I'm skeptical of a lot of them, but I'm interested in my reactions to them and in the issues they involve.

This list is for historical mysteries and the paranormal, aside from aliens. Aliens, fringe science, and conspiracies are in Fringe Theories. Philosophical and religious weirdness and strange fiction will go in other lists.

Finding weird cases

There's no shortage of places on the Internet to find weird things. Here are a few I like.

Mysterious people


The Taman Shud Case

The Lead Masks Case

Elisa Lam

The Ourang Medan

Isdal Woman

The Dyatlov Pass Incident


The Bermuda Triangle

Frederick Valentich

Unknown identities

Benjaman Kyle

Time travelers

John Titor

Mysterious artifacts

Toynbee tiles

Georgia Guidestones

Bouvet Island lifeboat

Mysterious places

Oak Island

Codes and puzzles

The Voynich manuscript


Numbers stations

Reddit codes

Cicada 3301


The Dark Web

Spirit beings


Country House Restaurant in Clarendon Hills

A local haunting. Chicagoland doesn't seem to have many.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Another Chicagoland haunting.

Cecilia Carrasco

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