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This list is an overview of the institutional side of artificial intelligence, a catalog of the important people, organizations, events, publications, and projects in artificial intelligence research and application.

This is a work in progress. Currently it's just the entries from Wikipedia's "List of artificial intelligence projects" with some key data picked out. The reason I'm starting with the projects is that I want to the list to end up as a web, and the projects are convenient links between the organizations, people, and domain topics. The topics will be a lesser focus of the overall list, but they give the institutional items meaning.

Specialized projects


Cognitive architectures


Internet activism

  • Serenata de Amor, project for the analysis of public expenditures and detect discrepancies.
    • Topics
    • Participants
      • Irio Musskopf
      • Ana Schwendler
      • Pedro Vilanova "Tonny"
      • Bruno Pazzim
      • Filipe Linhares
      • Jessica Temporal
      • Yasodara Córdova "Yaso"
      • Tatiana Balachova "Russa"
    • Dates
      • Start: 2016-09-07

Knowledge and reasoning

Motion and manipulation


Natural language processing


Multipurpose projects

Software libraries

GUI frameworks

Cloud services