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This article is a list of links to authors, works, and categories in experimental literature. Its purpose is to give you a starting point for exploring works in this set of genres.

I've based the list's organization on The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature (RECL), a collection of scholarly essays on the subject.

This project is a work in progress.

How to use this list

If a category is well established in the field, I've linked to its Wikipedia article. If the author of the RECL article was conducting their own survey of the category, I've listed the authors and works they cover with links to Wikipedia and LibraryThing wherever corresponding pages are available. I've also included links to a work's full text when that's available and links to background information from other sources.


Wikipedia articles will give you background information on their subject, and they'll usually contain bibliographies that will point you to works related to that subject, such as works in the category or works by the author.


LibraryThing is a social library catalog website that lets you catalog your collection. Here I'm using it for its recommendation features and its links to other sites.

When you visit a work's LibraryThing page, you can find related works in the "LibraryThing Recommendations" section and the "Member recommendations" section. You can also click on the tags users have assigned to it. Each tag link takes you to a page for that tag, which lists other works that have been assigned it, as well as related tags, subjects, and tagmashes, which are combinations of tags. You can create your own tagmashes.

In the upper right sidebar of a work's LibraryThing page, you'll find links to its corresponding page on other catalog websites, such as Amazon, Google Books, and WorldCat, a shared catalog of physical libraries worldwide. These sites will often let you look through a preview of the book. They'll also give you ways to find other related works, usually by recommendations or subject links on the work's page. If you're logged in, you can edit this section to show links from a long list of other sites.


Experimental literature - Wikipedia

Bray, Joe, Alison Gibbons, and Brian McHale, eds. The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature. Routledge Companions. London: Routledge, 2015. [LibraryThing]

The historical avant-gardes

Modernist-era experimentalism

Italian Futurism and Russian Cubo-Futurism

The poetics of animism

The surrealist experiments with language

The literary absurd

Postmodernist experimentalism

Spontaneity and improvisation in postwar experimental poetry

The nouveau roman and Tel Quel

Lettrism and situationism

OuLiPo and proceduralism


Postmodernism and experiment

Experiments with identity

Sexing the text

Experiments in black

The limits of hybridity

The new experimentalism



Globalization and transnationalism

Altermodernist fiction

Manifestos and Ars Poetica


Experiment now: printed matter

Experiments with language

The expanded field of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E

Concrete poetry and prose

Found poetry, "uncreative writing," and the art of appropriation

Words in visual art

Hoax-poetry and inauthenticity

Experiments with narrative and fiction

Unnatural voices, minds, and narration

Impossible worlds

Experimental life writing

Rotting time

Experiments with form and design

Graphic narrative

Multimodal literature and experimentation

Information design, emergent culture and experimental form in the novel

Interactive fiction

Experiment now: beyond the page

The digital age

Digital fiction

Code poetry and new-media literature

Computer gaming

Virtual autobiography

Transmedia narrative

Planned updates

  • Add a description for each category.
  • Add authors and works for the categories that only have general links.
  • Add links from other sites.